In 2016, the Womanity Award has been given to two partners who use Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to prevent violence against women.

These technologies might include safety & decision-making apps, video games, urban mapping, internet security training, internet TV, or e-learning platforms, among others.

Womanity is excited to announce that the resulting partnerships are also connecting with existing Tech-for-Gender projects, creating a global network of activists and practitioners already using these technologies to tackle VAW.

This collaborative network is called the “ICT for Womanity network”.

This network aims to:

  • Increase the two Award winners’ learning opportunities;
  • Grow a global tech-for-gender movement focusing particularly on women’s safety and that will act as a safe space to exchange information and knowledge on how ICTs can prevent VAW;
  • Collect and analyse data to assess the effectiveness of ICT solutions addressing women’s safety;
  • Increase awareness in the mainstream media of ICT-based tools to prevent violence against women.

Find a digest of our interviews with ICTforWomanity Network peers here and in the blog section.

Read our latest info newsletter here.

If you are an innovator in the field, submit your registration to the ICTforWomanity Network form here.


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