The District Department of Government, the Department of Mobility, Transmilenio and the District Department of Women reject forcefully and emphatically the sexual assault case that was filed against a host of Integrated Public Transport System SITP, Thursday night 23 July, as she was in her workday.

It regrettable and reprehensible that in Bogotá a new fact of sexual violence were recorded, as this is one of the worst forms of discrimination and violence that can be committed against women;likewise we reiterate that these events threaten the integrity, the lives and bodies of women who inhabit the Capital District.

SAFETIPIN: The challenge of assessing the safety of the city through the eyes of women

E n August 2014, Bogotá became the first city in Latin America to implement Safetipin a free mobile security application, based on maps, which aims to make cities safer for women sites. The application works from information related to perceptions of security of citizens, citizens and persons acting as professionally trained evaluators.

Safetipin is based on the premise that the participation and commitment of citizens and constant link between state and civil society , will make the cities safer for women. Therefore the active role of these agents in the use of the application and providing information, is crucial to achieving that objective.Safetipin provides real-time to the public, governments, academia and the private sector.


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