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Radio Nisaa
(Palestinian Territories)

Impactful, dynamic radio programming to empower, inform, and inspire women and men.



The project

“Radio Nisaa is all about inspiration and empowerment. Inspiration is very important in our society. Over the airwaves we can share our experience and knowledge, and support women to realize themselves.” – Maysoun Odeh Gangat, Director Radio Nisaa FM

The Challenge

Women in the Palestinian Territories face significant barriers when it comes to participating in public life. Male perspectives dominate the mainstream Palestinian media, tending to portray women as victims and reinforcing negative stereotypes. Women hold only a handful of decision-making positions in the national media industry, with few public platforms catering to their information needs or reflecting their real interests. Women are less able to voice their concerns and are less likely to become involved with shaping society.

The Approach

The Womanity Foundation, in partnership with Radio Nisaa Broadcasting Company, established Radio Nisaa FM, the first commercial women’s radio station and website in the Middle East, in late 2009. The station aims to change the stereotypical image of women in the Palestinian media. With three daily primetime programmes, it broadcasts news, interactive talk shows, music, and investigative reports on a range of current issues. Programs showcase contributions to everyday life made by Palestinian women, and connect and promote dialogue among women there and abroad.

Under the direction of Maysoun Odeh Gangat, the station is managed by women and shows are produced and presented by female media professionals. A network of local female reporters document women’s opinions and experiences across the country. Men’s opinions are also aired to engage them in discussions about women’s rights.

Through its social media presence, call-in opportunities, and vox pops, Radio Nisaa encourages women to contribute to the station’s content, become producers themselves, and to have a greater voice.

The Impact

  • Radio Nisaa is growing at a fast pace, reaching hundreds and thousands of women. It accounts for 15% of the radio listening public in the Palestinian Territories. In 2013 the estimated audience’s share was 9% and in 2010, 2%.¹ 
  •  Corporate sponsors consider Radio Nisaa among their top 5 choices for radio advertising in the West Bank.
  •  Radio Nisaa has built a substantial social media presence with over 47,000 followers on Facebook.
  •  Through grants from partners such as the UNESCO International Programme for the Development of Communication (IPDC), Radio Nisaa trained women reporters from remote areas in media skills.
  • Ashoka, the Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship, and the Synergos Arab Social Innovators awarded station director, Maysoun Odeh Gangat, their prestigious fellowships. These represent a unique opportunity to undertake training, benefit from peer mentoring, and access a range of professional networks to benefit Radio Nisaa.

Nisaa Network

Starting from mid-2015, Womanity, with the advice of Radio Nisaa, aims to expand its audience outreach beyond Palestine by creating an online multi-media platform and virtual hub and by capacitating at least 10 like-minded media outlets in the Arab region by 2018 to adopt Nisaa’s model and cooperate in program production.

Radio Nisaa FM Valued Partners

Synergos, Ashoka, Schwab Foundation, Ministry of Women Affairs, the Palestinian Business Women Forum and many other sponsors and local and international organisations.

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(1) The estimation of Radio Nisaa’s audience share is based on data provided by external surveys. In 2010, the survey was conducted by Near East Consulting and in 2014 and 2015, by Arab World for Research & Development (AWRAD).