Our Programs

Our women empowerment programs

The Womanity Foundation undertakes programs to empower and educate girls and women in developing countries to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities.

Advancing Girls Education – Afghanistan

Between 2017 and 2019 Womanity will expand the program Girls Can Code to four schools and complement its offer with preparatory classes in English (in grade 10) and in basic computer literacy (in grade 11), to better prepare students to the Introduction to Coding and Web Development (Girls Can Code) in grade 12 as required by the domestic labour market. The aim of this program is to meet the skills’ gap in Afghanistan’s labour market in ICT, specifically computer literacy and coding, as well as English. The program offers also a internship/job placement service to students.

Radio Nisaa – Palestinian Territories

The Womanity Foundation, in partnership with Radio Nisaa Broadcasting Company, established Radio Nisaa FM, the first commercial women’s radio station and website in the Middle East, in late 2009. The station aims to change the stereotypical image of women in the Palestinian media.


Womanity and its programme partners produced an exclusive Arabic radio fiction, Worth 100 Men (Be 100 Ragl in Arabic). The series follows the story of Noha, an intrepid young radio journalist, who confronts gender discrimination in the workforce, in family, and the social sphere. We used ‘edutainment’ strategies to lead the audience through a learning process towards positive behavioural changes.

Womanity Award – Lebanon, Mexico, Global ICTforWomanity Network

Given every two years, the Womanity Award is presented to two recipients who work in partnership, with the Foundation’s financial and technical support. The Foundation fosters connections to professional services, supports learning visits and in depth work around monitoring and evaluation, and provides any relevant expertise and resources necessary for the replication and scaling up of the innovation. The partnership lasts for three years.

WomenChangeMakers – India and Brazil

The WomenChangeMakers program supports outstanding individuals whose projects have the power to generate progress for women. The program aims to identify, support, and connect leading social entrepreneurs addressing women’s access to education and healthcare, and economic and political participation.

UNA Ecosystem

UNA is a platform of initiatives for gender equality and women’s empowerment in Brazil. We believe that mapping gender equality ecosystems can help generate more significant and faster impactfor women and girls on the ground, so we are working with actors from across multiple sectors in Brazil to create an accessible platform which allows people to see who is doing what for women and where.

Past projects

Teenagers Leading Change (past project) – Israel

University Scholarships (past project) – Palestinian Territories

Eradicating Girls’ Labor (past project) – Morocco

Investing in Women Entrepreneurs (past project) – Haiti