Our Programmes

The Womanity Foundation works to empower and educate girls and women in developing countries to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. Our programmes falls under two pillars of activity:


1. Disruptive Media Solutions:

B100Ragl – Middle East and North Africa

B100Ragl (Arabic for Worth 100 Men) is an online edutainment series that shines a light on issues affecting Arab women. The bitesize animation series follows the life of Noha – a female journalist – who encounters a wide range of social issues commonly faced by women throughout the region. She fights prejudice and oppression, presents creative solutions and becomes a role model for society. Find out more.

Radio Nisaa – Palestinian Territories

Radio Nisaa is the first all-women radio station in the Arab world. Set up in August 2009 in partnership with Palestinian entrepreneur Maysoun Odeh, its dynamic radio programming works to empower, inform, and inspire both women and men in the region. Radio Nisaa provides female-focused broadcasting, giving voice to the issues women care about most. Read more


2. Institutional Development programmes: 

Advancing Girls Education – Afghanistan

Between 2017 and 2019 Womanity will expand the program Girls Can Code to four schools and complement its offer with preparatory classes in English (in grade 10) and in basic computer literacy (in grade 11), to better prepare students to the Introduction to Coding and Web Development (Girls Can Code) in grade 12 as required by the domestic labour market. The aim of this program is to meet the skills’ gap in Afghanistan’s labour market in ICT, specifically computer literacy and coding, as well as English. The program offers also a internship/job placement service to students. Read more.

Womanity Award – Global

The Womanity Award is a unique programme that unsurfaces innovative solutions that address the root causes of violence against women and fosters partnership between organisations around the world to scale those solutions. Award recipients are given funding, mentoring and technical expertise so that their ground-breaking projects that are successful in one or more locations, can be adapted to a new geography. Find out more.

WomenChangeMakers – India and Brazil

The WomenChangeMakers programme, identifies, supports, and connects leading social entrepreneurs and their organisations working to improve lives of women in Brazil and India. The programme provides flexible core and organisational support as well as mentoring and expertise. WomenChangeMakers brings together an ecosystem of partners, including businesses, donors and others, that work with entrepreneurs to help them grow their institutions and scale-up their impact. Find out more.

UNA Ecosystem – BRAZIL

UNA is a platform of initiatives for gender equality and women’s empowerment in Brazil. We believe that mapping gender equality ecosystems can help generate more significant and faster impactfor women and girls on the ground, so we are working with actors from across multiple sectors in Brazil to create an accessible platform which allows people to see who is doing what for women and where. Read more.