The Womanity Foundation ( and Radio NISAA FM ( are producing an exclusive Arabic radio fiction on the role of women in society to be premiered during the coming month of Ramadan (July-August) throughout the Arab world. Mona Zaki, a leading actress in the Middle East and North Africa, will play the lead role of Noha, a young radio journalist with a mission and a mind of her own. “I am really happy to be working on such an exciting project,” Mona Zaki declared on the recording set. “Arab Women – although strong by nature – need a lot of support and inspiration to empower themselves to succeed and develop. This story does just that. ”

Arab superstar Nancy Ajram, performs the fiction’s theme song, with lyrics exclusively written by Amir Taema and music composed by Lebanese producer Jean Marie Riachi.

Mona Zaki is sided by co-star Mahmud Abdul Moghny, with Ahmed Seyam, Hsham Ismail, Khaled Eleish and many new and up and coming talents. Recording sessions of the radio fiction titled “Worth 100 Men” are underway in Egypt.

Through a compelling and highly entertaining story line, the radio fiction enacts the challenges Arab women face in society, and the creative and courageous solutions they find to surmount them. The story revolves around the personal and professional adventures of Noha, who works at the local radio station where she is underpaid, marginalized and demotivated. In her family sphere, she faces obstruction and even violence. One incident changes her life forever taking her into a series of mysterious, suspenseful, unexpected developments, and romance. Noha is empowered to challenge the statuesque, achieving success in her career and personal life.

The radio fiction series will be accompanied by public debates around essential topics relating to women’s role in society and the problems they encounter, to encourage the listeners to contribute their own experiences and opinions. The debates will be animated on radio, social media and in real-life community settings.

The radio fiction is produced by the Womanity Foundation, a philanthropic foundation working for girls and women’s empowerment around the world, in association with Radio NISAA FM, the first commercial women’s radio in the Middle East, and executed by Global Productions and experienced and successful Egyptian production company.