By Hera Hussain.

“Tara is a 26 year old aspiring computer engineer based in Oman. She has always excelled at her classes, exams, internships and appears to live a normal life. But what no one knows is that when at home, Tara is battling neglect, physical and sexual abuse at the hands of her family. During a particular incident of abuse, she was burnt, spent a year locked up and had her phone taken away. By hiding away two cellphones and using a computer at her university, she is now fighting to get out of Oman and out of the control of her parents. She got in touch with CHAYN, the charity I run, a few months ago. She found us by doing a simple Google search for charities addressing forced marriage and with our help, she will soon be out of the abuse she has been trying to get out of for the last seven years”. Read more