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Investing in Women Entrepreneurs

“Men might have more resources, but women have the responsibility to nourish all life.” – Nadine Louise, TOYA Foundation, Global Fund for Women grantee. The Womanity Foundation supported the GFFW in Haiti.


The project

Supporting women to gain employment, aid reconstruction efforts, and overcome gender violence in the wake of the Haitian earthquake.

The Challenge

The world was shocked in January 2010 when a devastating earthquake ripped through Haiti, killing hundreds of thousands. Years later, more than half a million Haitians are still living in makeshift camps, set up to house those displaced. With few income opportunities, recreational outlets, or basic services, frustration led to violence – especially against women – to rise.

The Approach

Following the earthquake, Womanity’s main donors were compelled to gather extra resources and support relief efforts on the ground. In line with its mission, Womanity decided to direct its support towards women’s protection and empowerment. A particular focus being on female entrepreneurship as a way to contribute to the reconstruction of Haiti, and to reduce poverty. The $64,000 earmarked for Haiti was disbursed over 3 years to different organizations that addressed women’s issues.

One of the non-governmental organizations supported was Entrepreneurs du Monde, in Camp Corail, Haiti’s largest refugee camp. This partnership was formed to promote female entrepreneurship, provide professional training, create paid jobs for women in the Camp through a microcredit scheme, and help to rebuild needed infrastructure.

The Impact

  • Through the scheme, 20 paid jobs for women were created and eight small enterprises have been set up, including production workshops for peanut butter, Haitian grapefruit jam, two restaurants, and a pastry production unit.
  • Entrepreneurs du Monde installed 2 solar panels, providing a much-needed alternative source of power for all participating women entrepreneurs.
  • In 2010, the first donation of $25,000 was made to the Global Fund for Women, who granted it to Kòdinasyon Solidarite Fanm Djanm Sid (Dynamic Women of the South Solidarity Network). The network used the grant to conduct a survey and media campaign on women’s rights in Southern Haiti.
  • A second grant was successfully disbursed to Movimiento de la Mujer Haitiana (Haitian Women’s Movement). This is a self-help group working in Southeast Haiti for women affected by the earthquake, or who have experienced violence in its aftermath.

Valued Partners

Entrepreneurs du Monde; Global Fund for Women.