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The First Multimedia Platform for Arab Women in the World


The project

The Challenge

In 1995, the Beijing Conference on the Status of Women identified Media as strategic allies to push forward the agenda of gender equality.

Social studies show that media (fictional and non fictional programs) contribute to shape the individual vision and perception of the world and of social roles and norms. Therefore, they have a direct impact on shaping gender roles and power relationships in society; on selecting issues to be discussed in the public arena; and on identifying the voices and the opinions to be heard.

In other words, if women do not have a voice in media, they are more likely to be silent or be silenced in the society as well.

For these reasons, the Conference set the following strategic objectives: to increase the participation and access of women to expression and decision-making in and through the media (including in new technologies) and to promote a balanced and non-stereotyped portrayal of women in the media.

After 20 years, although progresses have been made, these objectives are far to be achieved.

Research shows that women make up only 27% of top management jobs in media (1); only 24% of persons in the news are women; and just 4% of news stories challenge gender stereotypes (2).

In Arabic-speaking countries, women experience similar challenges and problems. Many of them are more likely to be limited to domestic environments than men and media are often their only window to the public sphere.

This gives to media the incredible opportunity to be the game changer in the narrative of the reality and in the portrayal of the role of women in society.


The Approach

After the successful example of Radio Nisaa in the Palestinian Territories, Womanity, in partnership with the radio station, has embraced the strategic objectives of the Beijing Conference and has set to encourage a culture of equal opportunities and equal voice in media for women and men that could gradually expand in the whole Arabic speaking world.

The project, Nisaa Network, intends to revolutionize the media industry and nurtures networks of partners across the region that can join forces and carry forward the objectives of the program.

Nisaa Network operates at different levels:

– Setting the example

Nisaa Network is a regional interactive multimedia platform in Arabic and English featuring empowering and gender-inclusive media contents, productions and publications. In the production of its content, Nisaa Network engages media organizations; women’s and civil society organizations; researchers and research centers; sector leaders; opinion-makers; influencers and individuals.

– Fostering a culture of cooperation among media outlets

Nisaa Network will build a professional community of like-minded media outlets (at least 10-12 over the period 2016-2019) with whom to co-produce and syndicate media contents, as well as foster egalitarian, empowering professional policies and practices, e.g. including professional code, gender lens approach, inclusive and empowering content production, team building and talent development, hybrid funding models, etc.

– Influencing a culture of gender equality in the media industry

Nisaa Network and its partners will host conferences, workshops and events to raise awareness on gender equality in media among practitioners and media operators and share with them the experience of the network as well as tools, policies and practices developed within it.


The Impact

By 2016-2019, Nisaa Network creates an informative and interactive multimedia platform and a virtual hub with an audience reach of min. 1 million.

By 2019, Nisaa Network coordinates a network of min. 10-12 like-minded media outlets who produce at least one program in cooperation every year and adopt policies and procedures, jointly developed, on gender equality in media (both in the management structure and in the content production).

Nisaa Network organizes one annual regional conference on the role of women in media (and in the society) addressing the media industry in the region with the objective to influence a culture of equal opportunities, equal voices and fair representation for women and men in media.


Valued Partners

Radio Nisaa (


(1) Global Report on the Status of Women in the News Media, 2010

(2)Global Media Monitoring Project, 2015