We are deeply concerned about the safety and freedom of women and girls in Afghanistan, especially with regards to the uncertainty of their access to education and employment.

According to the United Nations, an estimated 4.2 million children are out of school, including more than 2.2 million girls. Since January this year, approximately 435,000 women and children are internally displaced. In the aftermath of the pandemic and the ongoing political developments, the situation continues to look grim for girls who are unable to leave their homes. We believe that now, more than ever before, we need to support women and girls in Afghanistan so that they can live the life that they deserve.

The Womanity Foundation has been working with schools in Afghanistan since 2007 to support girls’ education and career opportunities for young girls to build a secure future for themselves and their families. We are committed to continue our efforts in advancing education and career prospects for girls. It is critical that all children to go to school in order for the country to continue prospering and to prevent an economic collapse in the future.

We urge the leadership of Afghanistan to reopen schools, and to encourage all girls to complete their education and have the freedom to pursue career opportunities of their choice. We need to collectively ensure the safety and security of women and children in Afghanistan so that they can rebuild their future.

Our program on ground is currently on hold while schools are shut. Our immediate priority is to ensure the safety of our team and students. We are awaiting clarity on access to education for girls in Afghanistan before we can resume and plan next steps, and hope to push forward again in the coming weeks.

Our commitment to women and girls in Afghanistan and around the world is unwavered and we continue to strive towards a world where all women and men have equal rights and opportunities.