Design “B100 Ragl” Season 3

Design “B100 Ragl” Season 3

How to design an animated fiction series “We brought together a stellar pool of talent and expertise of illustrators, designers, filmmakers, senior media operators and representatives of civil society organizations from across the region. Our ambition is to include a rich variety of voices to make “Be 100 Ragl 3” a thought-provoking reflection of the […]

Women's Day – Bold For Change

Women's Day - Bold For Change

Celebrate with us The International Women’s Day!  We are Bold For Change In the past 11 years, Womanity has developed innovative approaches that empower women and girls to become active contributors of their society. Investing in women helps them to attain their own – often neglected – legitimate human rights and effectively produces positive ripple […]

How fiction and ‘edutainment’ can be used to empower women

Fiction that empowers women

Fiction that empowers women It’s not the first thing you might think of when it comes to empowering women and tackling violence against women. But ‘edutainment’ – fiction which tackles social issues – is surprisingly powerful in changing deep-rooted mindsets and gender norms. Which is why we are proud to launch the second series of […]

Womanity Foundation Launches Ground-Breaking " Be 100 Ragl" Animated Series

Be 100 Ragl II. The fiction that empowers women Building on the popularity of the  “Be 100 Ragl I” radio series of 2015 — a soap-opera chronicling the adventures of Noha, an intrepid radio journalist fighting for social justice — the Womanity Foundation is pleased to announce the launch of a new, engaging and innovative […]