Our 2023 Annual Report is here!

We invest in audacious, innovative, and sustainable solutions to accelerate gender equality.

We are committed to overcoming barriers and unlocking women’s potential in underserved parts of the world so that entire communities can thrive.

Our Work

Educating women & girls IN AFGHANISTAN

Millions of girls and young women in Afghanistan have no access to formal education. We provide a ray of hope through our community-based primary education and training in computer literacy, coding and web development.


Only 1 in 6 rural Indian women owns the land they work on. We partner with experts and on-ground NGOs to enable marginalised  women to access and own land, empowering them to become independent, self-reliant and financially secure.

Preventing violence against women & girls

Gender-based violence a is a global issue. We partner with organisations to raise awareness, mobilise communities and change social norms to end violence against women and girls.

Challenging gender bias in media IN THE MENA REGION

Stereotypes of women in the media contribute to bias and discrimination. We reshape the narrative by amplifying women’s voices and supporting local media projects focused on gender equality.

Our Impact



People supported by Womanity



Afghan girls supported with education



Cumulative views / listens engaged in Womanity’s media programmes



Women made aware of their land rights



Organisations adapted innovative strategies to prevent VAWG



Channelled into high-impact programmes across the Global South

Womanity ranks 130th in the Top 200 NGO’s 2024 worldwide ranking by thedotgood, a Geneva-based independent media company. The list identifies social development and humanitarian non-governmental non-profit organisations which excel in innovation, impact and sustainability.

Being part of the Womanity Award has been a rich learning experience and a great challenge for our organisation. The possibility of working across the ocean with Africa and seeing such an important project in development is a huge achievement for Brazilian and Cape Verdean women.

Marcia Soares

Executive Director, Themis (Brazil)

Womanity has carved a niche in India’s Women and Land space with their distinct approach. Our key takeaways come from their open mindset to listen, learn and co-create solutions with stakeholders. Womanity is crafting and expanding a diverse collective that will surely disrupt and transform women’s land relations.


Associate Director, Centre for Land Governance (India)

I am very pleased as the past year was great for me. I learned how to read and write, developed my drawing skills, excelled in Math, becoming better at calculations, multiplications and divisions. Our village doesn’t have a school for girls but I’m happy with the class and look forward to continuing next year. Throughout the year, I had everything I needed for the lessons, including notebooks, pens, a school bag, colour pencils, and more.


Student (Afghanistan)

Many women do not know their rights. Radio Nisaa is giving us an opportunity to be informed and to share our opinions in a discreet way, without disclosing our identity.


Housewife (Palestine)

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