Land for Women

Only 1 in 6 rural Indian women owns the land they work on.

Our Land for Women programme enables rural and multiple marginalised women in India to access land rights and ownership, helping them become more independent and financially secure.


We partner with NGOs and local communities to raise awareness for women’s land rights, and increase the number of women who own land in India. The programme develops locally sustainable models that can be adapted and scaled across the country.

Land ownership as a pathway to progress

When women have access to land, it initiates a cascade of positive changes, impacting the entire ecosystem as a whole.

Our Approach

We fund grassroots organisations who are implementing land rights programmes on the ground. Our programme is focused on supporting ‘multiple marginalised’ women, including widows, tribal women and women facing violence. We do this by:

Increasing women’s land ownership

Increasing long term land access for secure livelihoods

Increasing land literacy among women

Enhancing capacities of grassroot NGOs to deliver successful programmes

Spotlighting women’s land rights among funders and other stakeholders

Here's a snapshot of our impact so far


Women made aware of their land rights


Women access/control/own land


Women leaders trained


Villages covered


Funds unlocked via government schemes for women


Women in leadership roles in local governance institutes

Where we work

The Land for Women programme is exclusively designed for enhancing women’s land entitlement and income in rural parts of India. We currently work in six states across India with our partner NGOs.

“People used to see me as a labourer before, but now they see me as a farmer.”


Farmer, Kothi Village, Chhattisgarh