Slide One of my favourite quotes is “We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give”. And despite this being a popular saying within the philanthropic community, it stands as a strong reflection of how the work we do at The Womanity Foundation gives us purpose and drive. My journey with the Foundation stretches back to 2005. Many thoughts and drivers were shaping my vision on how to give back and how to challenge the status quo. At the time, I had just set up and sold a successful business, and I felt a strong urge to help others access opportunities and growth. There were many pressing challenges facing our world, but one particular experience struck me the most.

Travelling through Morocco, I encountered an association that helped young girls – between the ages of six and twelve – return to school after having been placed by “recruiters” in families to work as “little maids”. Some of them ended as prostitutes on the streets or became pregnant at an age when they should have been playing with their friends.

I knew then without the shadow of a doubt what I needed to do. It was the moment I committed to work relentlessly to promote a world where all women and men would enjoy equal and full social, economic and political rights. It was the only way forward. And advancing women also meant helping their communities which eventually would transpire into fostering progress for everyone.

The Womanity Foundation was born.


Slide OUR VALUES We are inclusive of men and women
We believe in the power of partnerships
We believe in investing in bold ideas
for the long term
We are action oriented and impact driven
We have no political affiliation
Non religious

Slide MEET THE TEAM Your support, combined with the skills, commitment and immense dedication of our team, board members and partners, is what makes everything possible.

How do we challenge the status quo? A strong will to make the world a more equal place, a spirit of entrepreneurialism and an appetite for taking on innovative approaches to debunk gender stereotypes!


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