Help more women in construction

In 2013, WomenChangeMakers (WCM) Fellowship was awarded to Bia Kern, founder of the organization Mulher em Construção (MEC), in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, in southern Brazil.

This month, she launched her crowdfunding campaign to enable 20 women from modest or disadvantaged backgrounds to work in the civil engineering sector.

In total, over 180 hours of courses will be offered to women to be trained extensively in the fields of masonry and ceramics.
It has been shown that for women who receive such training, employment rates, stability of employment and income levels increase directly and in the long term. They also gain  confidence and strengthen their social status. In addition, work on construction sites is improved through the more diverse workforce.

Each donation to this program directly helps women to join the labor market. The total program cost is CHF 21,000. (For more details, see
The Womanity Foundation is commited to follow the implementation of this program in the field and to obtain reports on the activities carried out and the results obtained.

Please give your support to MEC today and help them train women in skills that will transform their lives and that of their families and communities!
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