This year, Womanity celebrates a decade of innovation, collaboration, and learning for women and girls’ empowerment around the world. We are proud to work alongside others to incubate, grow and replicate models, which are allowing women, girls, men and boys to contribute to a more fair and just world.
Each year we produce an annual report outlining our work, which allows us to collectively reflect on the past 12 months. Creating this document is much more than reporting, or ticking boxes for transparency. It is a fruitful endeavor that stimulates a critical assessment of what we are learning and where we can do better. This is why we have included our key learning from each program in this year’s report.

You can find Womanity’s 2014 report {here}.

To date The Womanity Foundation has supported hundreds and thousands of women and girls to access education, meaningful employment and economic opportunities, media that represents their experiences, and protection from harm. A crucial part of our success is that we engage men and boys throughout.
We hope that you find the report of interest, and that you would send the report on to contacts who may be interested in learning more about our innovations in women’s and girls’ empowerment. Your commitment has helped Womanity to achieve the outcomes outlined in this report, and for this I extend my sincere gratitude.

Yann Borgstedt
Ps. To celebrate our 10th anniversary we are asking for no congratulatory wishes but instead a pledge of action for gender equality, by completing the following question and emailing me or posting on social media with #pledgeyourwomanity: “For a brighter future for women and girls, I pledge to … .”