Maysoun Odeh Gangat, Managing director of Radio Nisaa, awardee of the
Schwab award for social entrepreneurs, recently received a scholarship to
attend a management course at the Harvard business school.


Maysoun gives Womanity a short insight on her experience at Harvard:
“As a Schwab Awardee, and the first in Palestine, I was excited to be part of the Strategic Perspectives on Non-Profit Management Program at the Harvard Business School. 160 participants from all over the world
representing business leaders of non-profit organizations were able to study jointly, analyze different case studies and discuss them in daily discussion groups.
Nisaa’s mission and vision as a social profit organization were similar as other participating organizations. This allowed us to share lessons learnt, and discuss on future improvements that would level up our impact.

So how will this course positively contribute to Nisaa FM’s future?
This has been a very inspirational experience to me, and an important one for Radio NISAA. This experience will assist me in paving the way to better
develop NISAA FM and make it one of the most successful social ventures in Palestine and the region”