A window to the outside world

SOWCoders Bootcamp, 8th – 23th February 2020 At Womanity we strongly believe that technology catalyzes connections, helps overcome physical and geographical boundaries and has the power to bridge realities which are very different from each other. Our program Girls Can Code (GCC) works with four schools in Afghanistan to provide 16 to 19-year-old girls with coding skills, […]

Design “B100 Ragl” Season 3

Design “B100 Ragl” Season 3

How to design an animated fiction series “We brought together a stellar pool of talent and expertise of illustrators, designers, filmmakers, senior media operators and representatives of civil society organizations from across the region. Our ambition is to include a rich variety of voices to make “Be 100 Ragl 3” a thought-provoking reflection of the […]

Annual Report 2015

Womanity 2015. Enhancing the lives of women and girls What impact is The Womanity Foundation having on the lives of women and girls globally? Over the past 10 years since our inception, 33,000 children in 15 public girls’ schools across Afghanistan have accessed a quality education. Meanwhile 1,111,068 girls in India have been impacted by the […]