The Womanity Foundation is proud to announce its two newly selected WomenChangeMakers (WCM) Fellows in Brazil: Anke Riedel of Casa Angela, a physician whose mission is to humanize birth and improve mortality rates; and Lilian do Prado, co-founder and executive director of Acreditar, a holistic business incubator focusing on youth and women in remote, underserved areas of Brazil.

Following an enriching selection process, based on a high number of nominations by WCM program partners, Womanity is welcoming the two new Fellows to its three-year support program for social innovators.

The two new WCM Brazil Fellows are

Anke Riedel – Founder of Casa Angela (based in Sao Paulo, Brazil) –
Anke Riedel, a physician by training, oversees Casa Angela’s operations in São Paulo (Brazil), a center founded in 2009 where all women, including the poorest, receive pre-natal, natal and post-natal care and guidance. Casa Angela’s innovative approach towards humanized childbirth and mother and chil´s care is exemplary in Brazil and beyond. Anke Riedel also participates actively in local and regional networks promoting humanized birth through dialogue, sharing experience and advocating for appropriate policies and practices. With the support of the WCM Program, Anke Riedel intends to strenghten Casa Angela’s business model and replicate its methodology in public and private health sectors in order to scale up reach and impact. The goal is to offer a humanized birth approach to a wide proportion of Brazilians of all socio-economic classes and to significantly improve health outcomes.

Lilian do Prado – Co-founder of Acreditar – Capital Humano e Transformação Social (based in Pernambuco and Ceará Brazil) –
Lilian do Prado co-founded Acreditar – Capital Humano e Transformação Social when she was 20 years old. With a bachelor degree in Business Administration, she oversees Acreditar’s operations in small cities and rural areas of the states of Pernambuco and Ceará (Brazil), supporting the incubation of businesses, providing financial education, technical advice and productive microcredit, to young people and women who set out to create their own businesses. Through Acreditar, she has successfully fostered a culture of youth and female entrepreneurship in a socio-economic context that tends to stifle creativity, innovation and women’s emancipation. Her achievements have earned her recognition by national and international organizations such as the Brazil Foundation, Ashoka, McKinsey, and the Prêmio Claudia.
Being part of the WCM Fellowship, Lilian aims to strengthen the focus on women’s entrepreneurship and build specific programs and venture funds for women.

As WCM Fellows, Anke Riedel and Lilian do Prado will receive investment in their growth as leaders of social change, and in the development of their organizations, by offering relevant expert support, facilitating the provision of professional services and connecting them with our network of partners and supporters.

The WomenChangeMakers Fellowship is a program of the Womanity Foundation, which builds scale through strategic collaborations between social entrepreneurs who work for women’s empowerment, and professional partners from the corporate, academic, or social development spheres.

The Trafigura Foundation is a strategic and funding partner of the WomenChangeMakers Fellowship Program.
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Tiana Vilar Lins, Program Director, WCM Brazil
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