The ICTforWomanity network’s first public event will take place during the Global Tech Women Voices Conference, a public online session with the 4 pairs of Womanity Award finalists.

“How ICT’s Can Help Prevent Violence Against Women”.

In May 2016, the Womanity Award will be given to two partners who harness ICT to prevent violence against women. These technologies might include phone apps, video games, urban mapping, internet security training, internet TV, feminist servers, and e-learning platforms, among others.

Simultaneously, The Womanity Foundation is launching the “ICT for Womanity” collaborative network, a peer-to-peer group that connects existing “Tech for Gender” projects, that use these technologies to tackle violence against women.

This network will foster partnership and learning opportunities.
Through this virtual session at the Global Tech Women Voices Conference, we hope to introduce some of the innovations in the field, encourage practitioners to join the movement. Together we are activating a collaborative group that will act a safe space to exchange information and knowledge.

Our hope is for this network to collect, analyse and share data to assess the effectiveness of ICT solutions that address women’s safety.

Date and time: Tuesday 15th March at 2pm GMT (3pm CET).
Link to the conference programme here. 
Look for session: “How ICT’s Can Help Prevent Violence Against Women”
Link to attend the online session here (Uses free platform)