“There is a big empty space in which women have no access to technologies, just because they are women.”

The Take Back The Tech! campaign recently celebrated 10 years of existence. That global campaign invites people to use technologies to combat online violence against women and for women to claim their participation in the development of technologies.

The newly formed SiempreVivas [“Always A-Live”] Collective is leading the way in disseminating the Take Back the Tech campaign in Mexico, supported by Luchadoras and APC, joint winners of the Womanity Award’s 2nd edition.

The SiempreVivas collective is a network of media producers, artists, coders, Women’s human rights campaigners, young feminists groups. Together they provide constructive responses to the growing threats and abuse women face online.

“As women we create, construct, design, develop but above all, we enjoy technologies!”

In this video, members of the SiempreVivas Collective share how and why they use and produce technology.

The video is a collaborative production of SiempreVivas with support from Take Back The Tech! and the Womanity Foundation.
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What is technology for you?

“For me technology is any tool that facilitates any task to a human being. It’s a tool that enables you to achieve things, from a handle to electricity. Technology is basically a process of accumulation of knowledge.”
Maru Lango, Director Women Who Code Mexico: “ I use technology to create more technology”. We create spaces to promote and educate, and obviously to have meetings, to communicate.

Lilian Muller – So(r)oridad Colectivo (Women artist collective and collaborative network) – “ I believe technology can potentiate a lot of women, to be on a computer or other devices and feel capable of creating something.” @Sororidadco
Sandra Barron – Chicas Poderosas (Changing the face of new media one woman at a time): “For me technology is a medium, a tool, a space that potentiates our message”.
Hebe Rosell – Actor, singer and music therapist– “Technology transforms the way you communicate. Each time I have to elaborate a sentence, that is either ideological, perceptive or to communicate anything important, it goes first through this body that wants to speak”.

Why should women take back the tech?

Sandra Barron – Chicas Poderosas: “There is a big empty space in which women have no access to technologies, just because they are women”.
La Jes – HackFeminista – “Attacks tend to be stronger, just because you express your opinion or share a photo”.
Lilian Muller – So(r)oridad Colectivo: “…But you have to raise awareness with other people, so there can be a change.”
Sandra Barron – Chicas Poderosas – “Technologies allowed me to meet more women like me, to realize that I’m not alone, after this original feeling of unrest. These are women I can connect with to create tools and tech together.”

And you, how do you #TakeBackTheTech?