A window to the outside world

SOWCoders Bootcamp, 8th – 23th February 2020 At Womanity we strongly believe that technology catalyzes connections, helps overcome physical and geographical boundaries and has the power to bridge realities which are very different from each other. Our program Girls Can Code (GCC) works with four schools in Afghanistan to provide 16 to 19-year-old girls with coding skills, […]

Yann Borgstedt – A philanthropist in a Woman’s World

A philanthropist in a Woman’s World The content of this story is based on an interview with successful entrepreneur turned philanthropist Yann Borgstedt, Founder and President of The Womanity Foundation, by Safeena Husain, Founder and Director of one of the Foundation’s most successful beneficiaries, Educate Girls Following the successful sale of his first venture, in 2005 Swiss […]

The positive gains of teaching girls to code in Afghanistan By Elizabeth Rector

The positive gains of teaching girls to code in Afghanistan By Elizabeth Rector

Elizabeth Rector is The Womanity Foundation program leader for Girls Can Code in Afghanistan, teaching high school students to code. The project, implemented in two of Kabul’s biggest girls schools, launches in April 2016. For most of my business career, my aspirations have shifted between growing and transforming businesses as a commercial leader and making […]

It's All in the Connections: Changing the World With Women One Call at a Time

Yann Borgstedt

By Yann Borgstedt and Antonella Notari Vischer As published on Huffington Post 04/24/2015 (www.huffingtonpost.com/yann-borgstedt/its-all-in-the-connection_b_7135054.html?1429879201) Men and women need to join forces on a mission to connect women to the world. For decades we have heard about gender disparities in every field from economics to education, politics to media. Now we have new evidence of a […]