Celebrate with us The International Women’s Day!  We are Bold For Change

In the past 11 years, Womanity has developed innovative approaches that empower women and girls to become active contributors of their society. Investing in women helps them to attain their own – often neglected – legitimate human rights and effectively produces positive ripple effects for entire communities and ultimately for entire countries.

We strongly believe that this change happens, in small or big steps, only as a result of the dedicated work of resilient people who engage daily with local communities and stakeholders, who break stereotypes and push boundaries while respecting local sensitiveness and pace for change, and who tirelessly identify and adapt solutions to local needs.

This year, we want to celebrate The International Women’s Day by giving voice to these changemakers, and in particular to some of our program managers who bring innovation, solutions and change in the communities they work for.

We will take you in Afghanistan, where Mohammed Zia Noori diligently leads the program Advancing Girls Education in Afghanistan that helps girls in public schools to achieve quality education, pursue their professional and academic dreams and become an asset for their families and communities.

Valentina di Felice, Womanity’s Head of Operations, and co-shaper of the foundation’s media programs in the MENA region and the educational program in Afghanistan, will explain how Womanity communicates and shapes programs in a way that is different from what is commonly understood.

Indrani Sharma will take you to India and explain how she creatively leads the WomenChangeMakers Fellowship, supporting women social entrepreneurs in the country to boost women’s status and life standards, and what she has learnt from 5 years working with the fellows.

With Asmaa Guedira, we will tour in the Middle East where the program Be 100 Ragl opens new and creative spaces to discuss the role of women in society by using edutainment strategies and online and off-line debates.

With Tiana Vilar Lins, we will see how the work of WomenChangeMakers in Brazil is impacting upon women and how opening up to questioning, knowing your limits, and building up true partnerships, is of significant importance in turbulent times.

Finally, with Servane Mouazan we will enter the online space with the Womanity Award, a program enabling the Tech Back The Tech! campaign to replicate in Mexico, strengthening the global movement that is fighting online gender-based violence, and bridging off-line and on-line worlds.

Thanks to them, among others, Womanity is able to reach our target communities and to transform in action our vision and mission of a world where women, girls, men and boys work equally and together to achieve a greater good.

Click on each program manager’s name to access the full interview and watch the video.