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Slide ELIGIBILITY AND EVALUATION CRITERIA Back to the landing page Eligibility Criteria

1. You must be  based in the Global South (1). The Innovation Partner and Scale Up Partner must be from different countries.

2. You must be a legal, registered organisation.

3. The Innovation and Scale Up Partners must have a partnership agreed in principle to adapt a programme focused on the prevention of domestic violence against women(2) and girls in the country where Scale Up Partner is based. This means that the organisations need to find a partner before applying. (Please note that Womanity won’t be able to find partners for candidates as the goal of the Award is for organisations to choose partners with whom they want to work).

4. The Innovation Partner and the Scale Up Partner need to apply together.

5. You must be able to communicate in English for both the selection process and implementation if selected. (We recognise that this may limit many organisations from taking part in the process, but unfortunately we don’t have the structure to select and to manage projects in different languages for the time being)

6. A desirable but not mandatory criteria is: have a diverse board and senior leadership with equal/fair representation of women.

Evaluation Criteria

The Innovation Partner needs to:

1. Have an innovative programme focused on the prevention of domestic violence against women and girls to be adapted in a different country in the Global South. (We encourage applications of innovative programmes developed to respond to the increase of domestic violence during the Covid-19 pandemic).

2. Be able to demonstrate:
• A clear intervention model of the programme
• Experience in working to advance women’s and girls’ rights
• Experience in adaptation. Ideally you should be able to demonstrate experience in adapting the programme you are planning to adapt if you are selected by Womanity to receive the Womanity Award 4. But we also accept experience adapting other programmes. In either case, you need to provide evidence that you have done at least two adaptations in partnership with other organisations.
• Experience in working in collaboration / partnership with other organisations to implement programmes
• Impact measurement process for previous adaptations of the programme if applicable or for adaptations of other programmes undertaken to date
• Initial evidence of success and learning of the programme
• Ability to clearly communicate on programmes’ results

The Scale-Up Partner needs to:

Be able to demonstrate:
• That you are well positioned to adapt a programme on the prevention of domestic violence against women and girls in your context
• Experience in working in collaboration / partnership with other organisations to implement programmes
• Initial evidence of success and learning when working in partnerships • An ability to clearly communicate programmes’ results

 Both Partners need to:

1. Be willing to provide material and references in support of the application and for due diligence purposes.

2. If selected as a finalist, agree to:

a) Take part in the mentorship phase, commit to collaborate to develop an Adaptation Plan, do a field visit (depending on restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic), and attend on-line mentoring sessions.
b) Be open to collaborate with other finalists to build on each other’s work on the Adaptation Plan
c) Present the final Adaptation Plan and a two-minute film to showcase how you plan to work together to a Selection Panel (This will be a face to face meeting if possible depending on restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic. If not, it will be a virtual meeting)

3. If selected as Awardees, both Partners must agree to:
a) Work with the us at the Womanity Foundation and our eco-system of partners to utilise the suite of financial and organisational support in order to develop and implement your Adaptation successfully
b) Engage in understanding the impact of the adaptation and of the programme and to join us on a learning journey
c) Work on Institutional Strengthening based on your priorities
d) Commit to be available for contact and to provide monitoring reports to the Womanity Award team for the duration of the programme
e) Actively participate as a member of, and contribute knowledge to, the Womanity Foundation alumni network

4. For the two pairs of Finalists not selected as Awardees you’ll need to: Agree to share with Womanity a brief plan of how the Seed Funding will be used and to have a phone call six months after the final selection has taken place

(1) Womanity and partners are not able to engage with countries, entities, or individuals subject to economic sanctions administered by the US Dept of the Treasury's Office of Foreign Assets Control. (For more information see here)

(2) By women we mean any person who identify as woman.

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