Womanity enters Top 200 NGOs

The Womanity Foundation rose to the 187th position of the recently released Top 500 NGOs’ 2016 world-wide ranking by NGO Advisor, a Geneva-based independent media. The ranking identifies social development and humanitarian non-governmental non-profit organisations (NGOs), which excel in innovationimpact and sustainability.

Womanity empowers girls and women to shape their future and accelerate progress within their communities. Founded in 2005 by entrepreneur and philanthropist Yann Borgstedt, the Womanity Foundation works for all women and men to enjoy equal and full social, economic, and political participation. The Foundation focuses on game-changing and effective approaches with a strong potential for growth in the fields of education; economic empowerment; voice and leadership; and prevention of violence against women.

“We are proud of the positive change we are creating, together with many like-minded partners across all sectors,” Yann Borgstedt commented. “We evolve with agility, implementing innovative approaches, which address issues leading to women’s socio-economic exclusion. We are willing to take calculated risks and experiment new ideas, while closely monitoring and documenting the transformative effects of our programmes on women’s empowerment, so that we can learn from our experiences and grow.”

These are the key characteristics that gained Womanity an increased recognition by the independent evaluators of NGO Advisors.

Womanity’s flagship programs are, in short:
The WomenChangeMakers (WCM) Fellowship in India and in Brazil, a fully integrated supportive business development offer for social entrepreneurs and their organisations whose model is highly scalable and whose work can make a lasting impact.
Radio Nisaathe Middle East’s first women-run commercial radio station, which has significantly grown its audience over the past couple of years and positively shaped their attitudes towards women’s role in society, all the while growing its network of partnerships, and has begun to expand its reach in the region through the Nisaa Network multi-media platform.
The “School in a Box” program, which focuses on advancing girls’ education in Afghanistan and has so far offered a quality education to 33,000 school children in 15 public girls’ and training to 1,120 teachers and school staff to ensure an optimized learning environment. With a view to enhancing young Afghan women’s academic and professional perspectives, Womanity has recently started ground-breaking courses to teach adolescent girls to code and to manage financial and other resources.
The Womanity Award, which supports collaborations between groups who work to end gender-based violence and has launched its second edition in May 2016 in Paris, honoring innovators who use Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) to prevent violence against women, on and off-line.
Last but not least, Womanity is presently releasing the second season of “Be 100 Ragl” (“Worth 100 Men”), an entertaining and thought-provoking animation series which engages large audiences across the Middle East and North Africa in disruptive conversations about women’s role in society and their rights.

About the Womanity Foundation
The Womanity foundation is committed to a world in which all men and women enjoy equal and full political, economic and social equality. Womanity empowers women and girls to accelerate progress within their communities
In May 2016, Yann Borgstedt, Founder and Chairman of the Womanity Foundation, received the BNP Paribas Award for Individual Philanthropy, which honours the outstanding work of philanthropists around the world.

For more information or to donate to Womanity visit womanity.org/donate or email ryna@womanity.org
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