Womanity: Who are you, Aurelia, and what made you work for Womanity?

Aurélia Ovan: I have a Master in sociology and have worked for the Womanity Foundation almost since its creation. I am an optimist by nature, a quiet force able to handle many complex and different situations in a day. I started at Womanity in 2007 rather by chance, after completing my studies. I am in charge of the administration and the organization of the Foundation events, including the prestigious charity galas that are held every two years in Geneva. I support the team in various communication tasks. I am also very interested in the world of graphic design and I have trained in this field. Upon my arrival, I discovered a young foundation on the rise and a founder full of innovative ideas. The adventure began and continues to this day.

Womanity: What has been the evolution of Womanity through the years, according to you?

AO: The evolution of Womanity was inevitably exceptional; I arrived a little more than a year after its creation. In ten years, the Foundation has organized itself, projects have developed and Womanity has become a model in terms of success and impact. Womanity is now one of the top 200 NGOs in the world. It’s just fantastic!

Womanity: What have you learned from all of the Womanity’s programs, their impact, their reach, that you can apply now in your own life?

 AO: I learned that in order to carry out a project and have an impact, it is not necessary to innovate; it is sometimes enough to observe what has already been done and develop an idea, a concept that already works. In my own life, I am a great observer. This comes probably from my background as a sociologist. It is important to listen to what is happening around us, to focus on what is essential and on what is impactful, in order to to be successful.

Womanity: If there were no obstacles around you, what kind of program would you like to put in place to accelerate the welfare, education, and protection of women in the world?

AO: Being a young mother and currently expecting my second child, I am very sensitive to the situation of children in the world, women and mothers. I adhere at 100% to Womanity’s vision that a society develops considerably when all children (girls and boys) have equal access to education and women are empowered. The projects developed by the Foundation are essential programs for the well-being of women around the world.

There are so many other causes to be defended: famine, poverty, peace, sexual trafficking, ecology… It is difficult to choose where to concentrate the effort, but in my opinion, the well-being of women and their empowerment is one of the major causes to fight for.

Womanity: What is the question that nobody asks you, which you would love to be able to answer?

AO: “After 10 years at Womanity, do you still learn anything?” The answer is: of course. We are a small team and my colleagues are mainly in charge of project management and partnerships, which is not my case. Beyond the management of projects, there are many other essential things to manage in a foundation: communication, public relations, events, the database … All this allows me to be multidisciplinary and develop new knowledge and skills everyday as to improve the foundation as a whole.