Has an innovative
evidence-based programme that addresses violence
against women and girls
Understands the new context, has relationships with local communities and key stakeholders
The Womanity Award is presented to two organisations – an Innovation Partner and a Scale-Up Partner – who then work together for three years.
The programme, which runs approximately every two years, helps the Innovation Partner (IP) who has an innovative, evidence-based approach to prevent Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) increase their reach. The Scale-Up Partner (SP) receives support to adapt and deliver the tried-and-tested innovation in their own location.
Through this model, partners share knowledge and learn from each other through a partnership founded upon balanced power and mutual respect. The IP and SP create a two-way learning process.

The IP shares with the SP their expertise on delivering the innovative programme, enabling capacity building. The SP also shares their expertise and understanding of the local context.
The process helps the IP build on their knowledge to help future roll-outs in different contexts and helps the SP learn about an effective VAWG programme. They could also develop new innovations rooted in the principles of VAWG prevention.
This shared learning helps to broaden the evidence-base around the innovations adapted and explores opportunities for implementation at scale.